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Interview Norms

Dear JobSeeker

Here is a small write up that could help you move from good to great.

Interview - Quality Time:
  • The time that you spend with the client at the Interview, needs to be quality time.
  • This is an opportunity for you to highlight your positive points- your strengths.
  • The client is looking for the right skill set, attitude, aptitude and values that match with the organization.
    You must make a positive impression on the client.

Ensure you know the basics:
  • Client Name
  • Date and time of the interview
  • Position being interviewed for
  • Role and Job Description
  • The exact location of the company / Route Map
  • Contact person and telephone number
  • The name of the interviewer, his designation / panel size
  • Website of the company
  • Company's Profile and Corporate culture
  • Salary range as indicated by the client
  • Carry a copy of your CV, 2 photographs and copies of your educational certificates and passport.
  • Pay attention to you dress code and grooming

You must do sufficient research on the company. Also ensure that you do not misrepresent any of the factual data including:
  • Period of service
  • Current remuneration
  • Current position and Job description
  • Previous employment data
  • Family background
  • Education background
  • References
  • Training

Questions to expect at the interview
  • Reason for leaving the present job
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • A valid explanation if there have been too many changes in jobs / industry
  • Questions based on the job / specialization
  • Any initiative undertaken in a previous job that has made a significant positive impact
  • Current performance and quantifying it
  • Career plans and where you see yourself in the next 5-7 years
  • What do you know about the company you are seeking a job with?
  • Personal likes / dislikes / hobbies / willingness to relocate
  • Current salary and expected salary
  • References from ex-employers
  • Family details

Pitfalls to avoid during an interview
  • Do not be late for an interview. If the circumstances are beyond your control ensure the consultant / client is informed well in advance
  • Avoid a limp handshake
  • Be conscious of your posture / body language (Don't keep hands crossed across chest)
  • Do maintain eye-contact
  • Avoid any strong regional accents / colloquial usages while talking
  • Avoid being either over aggressive or too meek at the interview
  • Avoid usage of words / phrases you are not sure about
  • Do not over emphasize on the remuneration / monetary benefits you are looking for
  • Do not bad-mouth previous employer/s
  • Be honest about the reasons for changing previous job/s
  • Be forthright if you do not have enough knowledge about a particular question asked
  • Do not overstate your past achievements
  • Do not go for the interview without doing basic homework on the company / job / role / subject
  • Do not overstate current salary
  • Be positive and alert at all time during the interview
  • Ask intelligent / relevant questions when the interviewer gives you a chance to learn more about the company.
  • Do not be rude or impatient if the client asks probing questions- he may be checking your level of tolerance

Closing the interview
  • Avoid saying that you need to consult parents / friends etc to take a decision, rather ask for time to give a response
  • Do not show discouragement if you feel the interview has not been positive
  • Thank the interviewer for the time and opportunity provided
  • Be cheerful and positive and show your eagerness to join the organization

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